Student Profile: Genezaret Cardoso wants to make an impact at the elementary school level

Monday, October 24, 2022
Genezaret Cardoso

GGSE: What made you want to be a teacher, and why an MST credential?
Genezaret Cardoso: Before I entered the Teacher Education Program, I was a teacher for several years at a therapeutic preschool. As a preschool teacher I saw how critical it was to build the foundation of social emotional skills. The role of a preschool teacher is sometimes overlooked, but they are preparing students for Kindergarten. Often, it's a child's first time in a school setting away from their family. In preschool, students learn to take turns, make friends, and communicate their needs. I loved working with preschoolers and knew I wanted to continue making an impact but at an elementary school level.

GGSE: What made you choose TEP at UCSB to do your graduate school work?
Cardoso: I chose UCSB because it is known for its amazing Education program.

GGSE: Who was your favorite teacher in your life, and why?
Cardoso: My favorite teacher growing up was my 8th grade English teacher, she went by Svoboda. She challenged us to learn more vocabulary, improve our writing skills, and be excited to learn.

GGSE: If you have any free time (we realize how consuming TEP is), how do you like to spend it?
Cardoso: I love hiking; there is something empowering about reaching the top of a trail or mountain. Yosemite is my favorite place to hike. I also enjoy walking my dog and photography.