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Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the Gevirtz School.

If you know what department or program you'd like to apply to, click on the appropriate link below:

Department of Counseling, Clinical,
and School Psychology
Department of Education Teacher Education Program

If you don't know what department, here's a way to decide if the Gevirtz School is for you:

The Gevirtz School offers degrees to prepare students for many exciting and rewarding careers. If your answer is YES to any of the questions below, just click on the program or department listed after the series of questions.

Would you like to be... elementary school teacher?
...a secondary school teacher?
...a teacher of students with moderate and severe disabilities?
Consider our Teacher Education Program.

Would you like to work... a professor/scholar/researcher in counseling, clinical, or school psychology? advance science, practice, and policy relevant to counseling, clinical, or school psychology? a leader in counseling, clinical, or school psychology? address human suffering and social inequalities, and foster thriving and psychological well-being among all people, especially vulnerable populations?
Consider our Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology.

Would you like to work... a scholar/researcher who brings anthropological, linguistic, psychological, and sociological theories to studies of cultural contexts of education? a scholar/researcher who studies human development in the context of culture, family, school, community, and society? a scholar/researcher who studies using a multidisciplinary perspective on children with special needs and their schools, families, and communities? a university, private research organization, or government agency with educational statistics or conducting measurement and qualitative and interpretive research? a school principal or administrator or as a leader in a non-profit or government? improve educational opportunities at the local and national levels in the areas of literacy and composition studies, mathematics and science education, and teacher education?
Consider our Department of Education.