Accreditation & Excellence


UCSB Teacher Education Program is accredited by the California Commision on Teacher Credentialing.

2019-20 Title II Pass rate information by assessment for each of the teacher preparation programs (UCSB included) and all IPRC sections are presented via the Title II Data Dashboards.

The full Title II report can be read online.

Excellence in Education

UCSB’s program was named as a model program for the state of California by the Governor’s State Educator Excellence Task Force. Findings in their report will guide the transformation of California’s educator preparation for some time to come. “A number of California’s traditional and alternative teacher education programs – ranging from Cal State campuses at Long Beach and Chico to internships in Elk Grove and New Haven to UC programs at Berkeley, Santa Barbara and UCLA to private colleges like Mills and Stanford – have been documented in national research as highly successful models for preparing teachers. These and other California programs have led the nation in developing strategies for preparing teachers for English learners, preparing teachers to succeed in urban schools, and creating clinical training in professional development schools that others have emulated.” Greatness by Design: Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain the Golden State, Sept 2012, pg 10.

Another national, independent research project states: “In surveys and follow-up studies of graduates derived from the National Commission on Teaching's Exemplary Teacher Education Study, UCSB graduates rated their preparation as significantly superior to those of a national random sample of beginning teachers on 32 of 37 measures of teaching knowledge and skill items. The graduates scored comparably with those of a national sample of exemplary teacher education programs on 33 of 37 measures and ranked higher on measures evaluating their preparation to teach the concepts, knowledge, and skills of their disciplines in ways that enable students to learn, to use a variety of assessment techniques, to teach in ways that support new English language learners, and maintain an orderly, purposeful classroom environment. In-depth follow-up studies of graduates by researchers who observed them in the classroom reported that they perform at the top levels of performance measures of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.” Linda Darling-Hammond, Educating Teachers for California's Future, in Teacher Education Quarterly, Winter 2001.

In its 2021 listing of the “Top Public National Universities,” U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC Santa Barbara Number 6. Among public universities, UC Santa Barbara placed No. 10 on the “Best Ethnic Diversity” ranking, and ranks No. 8 on the list of Top Performers on Social Mobility. Social mobility measures how well schools graduated students who received federal Pell Grants. 

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