Due to COVID-19, the Teacher Education Program is working remotely until shelter-in-place orders are lifted. The best way to contact us is via email.

Should you wish to chat over the phone or via video conference, please sign up for our virtual office hours.

Program Office Staff

Samantha Cole
Nadia Ratkowski
(805) 893-2084
Fax: (805) 893-8736
Office: ED 3230
Hours: M-F, 8-4

Director Andrew Fedders
(805) 893-3711
Office: ED 3238
Credential Analyst Kathryn Tucciarone
(805) 893-2036
Office: ED 4102
Cohort Coordinators

Education Specialist Extensive Support Needs (ESC, Special Ed)
Natalie Holdren
Office: ED 3262

Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Support Needs (ESC, Special Ed)
Amber Moran
Office: ED 3228

Multiple-Subject (MST, Elementary)
Sarah Jacobs
Office: ED 3232

Single-Subject (SST, Secondary)
Tim Dewar
Office: ED 2218

(SST, Secondary)
Content Supervisors

English-Language Arts
Tim Dewar
Office: ED 2218

History-Social Science
Julie Estabrook
Office: ED 3243

Monica Scafide

Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics)
Karin Lohwasser
Office: ED 3206

World Language (French, Latin, Spanish)
Tim Dewar
Office: ED 2218

Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Coordinator

Jennifer Scalzo
Office: ED 3224

Pre-Professional Coordinator

Katie Blackwell
Office: ED 3234