Faculty and supervisors that build the UCSB Teacher Education Program

MST Site Supervisors


Julie Bianchini, Instructor
Katie Blackwell, Pre-professional Coordinator
Ann Bumby, Site Supervisor, Instructor
Ann Carlyle, Site Supervisor, Instructor
Tim Dewar, SST Program Coordinator, English Content Supervisor, Instructor
Jason Duque, Instructor
Bethany Ellis, Site Supervisor, Instructor
Julie Estabrook, History/Social Science Content Supervisor, Site Supervisor, Instructor
Andrew Fedders, Instructor
Maryanna Gray, Site Supervisor
Claudia Hardy, Site Supervisor
Danielle Harlow, Instructor
Victoria Harvey, TEP Director, Instructor
Natalie Holdren, Extensive Support Needs ESC Program Coordinator, Instructor
Sarah Jacobs, MST Program Coordinator
Camille Kavon, Instructor
Rachel Lambert, Instructor
Karin Lohwasser, Science Content Supervisor, Instructor
Rebecca Lowi, Instructor
Michelle Meyer, Site Supervisor, Instructor
Tanya Mishler, Instructor
Amber Moran, Mild to Moderate ESC Program Coordinator, Instructor
Christopher Mullin, History/Social Science Content Supervisor, Instructor
Christopher Ograin, Instructor
Eva Oxelson, Site Supervisor, Instructor
Sarah Roberts, Instructor
Elissa Ross, Site Supervisor
Monica Scafide, Math Content Supervisor, Instructor
Jennifer Scalzo, MEd Coordinator, Instructor
Mark Shishim, Instructor
Tine Sloan, Instructor
Erin Vernon, Site Supervisor, Instructor
Mian Wang, Instructor
Danielle Whitaker, Site Supervisor, Instructor
David Young, World Languages Content Supervisor, Instructor