UCSB Pre-Professional Program offers the opportunity to gain classroom teaching experience


The Pre-Professional Education Program provides individuals who are considering a career in education the opportunity to volunteer in a local K-12 classroom under the mentorship of a credentialed teacher. It gives those who are undecided about a career in education a chance to see if classroom life is really for them. For those who are committed to a career in education, it provides valuable classroom experience in preparation for entrance into a university credential program. Pre-professional experience is required for entrance into most credential programs, including the UCSB Teacher Education Program.

There are many ways to participate in the Pre-Professional Education Program. UCSB students can earn pre-professional hours in conjunction with a course (such as ED 121, ED 122, ED 128, ED 130, ED 131, ED 176B, or CHEM 102), or they can simply volunteer to gain experience. Non-UCSB students who are interested in gaining classroom experience can also request a classroom placement. 

Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, we are waiving the Pre-Professional Requirement for UCSB credential applicants for attendance year 2021-22. We still encourage applicants to get K-12 classroom experience, if possible.

If you are considering applying for attendance year 2022-23 or beyond, you must have at least 40 pre-professional hours on file before starting the TEP program. Applicants can participate in UCSB’s Pre-Professional Education Program if they choose, or they can complete their hours on their own. Please see TEP Applicant Pre-Professional Requirements for more information.

If you would like more information about the Pre-Professional Education Program, or if you would like to be placed in a classroom, please contact Pre-Professional Education Program Coordinator Katie Blackwell at kblackwell@education.ucsb.edu