UCSB Pre-Professional Program offers the opportunity to gain classroom teaching experience


The Pre-Professional Education Program provides UCSB students who are considering a career in education the opportunity to volunteer in a local K-12 classroom under the mentorship of a credentialed teacher. It gives those who are undecided about a career in education a chance to see if classroom life is really for them. For those who are committed to a career in education, it provides valuable classroom experience in preparation for entrance into a university credential program. Pre-professional experience is required for entrance into most credential programs, including the UCSB Teacher Education Program.

There are many ways to participate in the Pre-Professional Education Program. UCSB students can earn pre-professional hours in conjunction with a course (such as ED 121, ED 122, ED 128, ED 129, ED 130, ED 131, ED 176B, or CHEM 102), or they can simply volunteer to gain experience. 

If you are not currently enrolled at UCSB and you would like to gain volunteer experience, check with your local K-12 districts about their volunteer placement process. Partners in Education is an organization in Santa Barbara that can connect you with a K-12 classroom.

If you are considering applying to the TEP for attendance year 2023-24 or beyond, you must have at least 40 pre-professional hours on file before starting the TEP program. Please see TEP Applicant Pre-Professional Requirements for more information.

If you would like more information about the Pre-Professional Education Program, contact Katie Blackwell at kblackwell@ucsb.edu