Masters of Education (M.Ed.)

Students in any of our teaching credential programs (ESC, MST, SST) may also pursue a Masters of Education in Teaching (M.Ed.) degree. There are a few things to know about “the M.Ed.” before applying.

1. Candidates may only pursue the Masters of Education in Teaching degree if also pursuing a California teaching credential in the TEP. “The M.Ed.” is only and always an addition to the teaching credential. Furthermore, successful completion of all state and institutional requirements for a credential is a prerequisite for granting the M.Ed. in Teaching degree.

2. “The M.Ed.” is an integrated program. Although successful candidates will prepare and present a final report of their work, this report is only the visible product of a much longer activity, one stretching all the way back to the first courses candidates take in the TEP. Other parts of “the M.Ed.” include classroom observations and teaching, independent investigation, group conversations, and intensive peer and faculty reviews. We will also provide support in the form of classes and mentoring. These pieces fit together into a program.

3. “The M.Ed.” is a professional, graduate-level degree. Although it is integrated with credential coursework and candidates’ developing teaching practice, the M.Ed. in Teaching degree is separate from the California teaching credential. It is also optional. A person can earn a teaching credential, and even develop into a great teacher, without earning the M.Ed. in Teaching degree. Our aim for “the M.Ed.” is to help candidates become teacher leaders with a deep, responsible, creative vision of students and their learning. As a graduate degree, the M.Ed. demands a special commitment to independent, scholarly work outside of fieldwork, class meetings, and assignments. We will provide guidance, but candidates will have to figure out a lot on their own.

4. Work on “the M.Ed.” continues for at least one full year. The work will extend past graduation and the end of credential work. With revisions, the work can last through the summer following graduation. In some circumstances, a candidate may choose to stop work on “the M.Ed,” to focus on their credential work. Candidates may resume work on the M.Ed. later, as long as all degree requirements are completed within four years of admission to the TEP. (See current “M.Ed. Handbook” or contact the TEP office for more details about postponing the M.Ed. or joining the “Returning Cohort.”)