TEP 2019 M.Ed Graduates: Complete your combined Master of Education and teaching credential in 12 months

Masters of Education (M.Ed.)

Masters of Education (M.Ed.)

Students in any of our teaching credential programs (ESC, MST, SST) may also pursue a Masters of Education in Teaching (M.Ed.) degree.

You may only pursue the Masters of Education in Teaching degree if also pursuing a California teaching credential in the TEP. The M.Ed. is only and always an addition to the teaching credential. Furthermore, successful completion of all state and institutional requirements for a credential is a prerequisite for granting the M.Ed. in Teaching degree. You can earn a teaching credential and develop into a great teacher, without earning the M.Ed. in Teaching degree.

The M.Ed. is a professional, graduate-level degree and is integrated with our teaching credentials. Our aim for the M.Ed. is to help you become a teacher leader with a deep, responsible, creative vision of students and their learning. The M.Ed. is comprised of classroom observations and teaching, independent investigation, group conversations, and intensive peer and faculty reviews. The M.Ed. also demands a commitment to independent, scholarly work outside of fieldwork, class meetings, and assignments. We will provide guidance and support in the form of classes and mentoring, but your project is spearheaded by your initiative.

Work on the M.Ed. continues for one academic year. In some circumstances, a candidate may choose to stop work on the M.Ed, to focus on their credential work. Candidates may resume work on the M.Ed. later, as long as all degree requirements are completed within four years of admission to the TEP.