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Thank you for your interest in the Gevirtz School. In the left navigation of this page you will find links to all the resources you will need to learn more about the school and how to apply to the Teacher Education Program.

UCSB’s Teacher Education Program offers a rigorous, 13-month, post-graduate Masters Degree + Credential program (an academic year with 2 summers). We work with one cohort of teacher candidates per year and keep the program small to ensure individualized attention for each teacher candidate (approximately 100 candidates). Our course- and field-work is concurrent, which means candidates spend the entire academic year in schools, developing their practice with daily guidance, then extending their learning in afternoon/evening courses. This allows for a more streamlined, purposeful integration of university and fieldwork, which drives our faculty to collaborate across all aspects of teacher preparation.

Our faculty are also driven to present new teachers with new opportunities to grow into our next generation teaching force. The world is changing, our learners are changing, and there are too many students who are not getting the education they need and deserve. We believe excellent teaching requires a community of learners, where everyone—teacher candidates, teacher educators, and K-12 teachers—are working together to meet the needs of our new, our diverse, and our very different generation of students.

To learn more about each of the three programs we offer—elementary, secondary, and special education—see the Programs of Study page. Within each program you may earn both a California teaching credential and M.Ed. degree. We hope you join us to prepare for this important and rewarding profession.

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