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Using Social Media

The school is active on social media, as you can see from either the social media logos in the top right corner of each page of the website or from the Social Media page. We ask that if you are on Twitter, please follow the school @GGSEucsb. (We will then follow you, too.) If you post Tweets about the school, please use #ggse. And feel free to follow the Facebook pages that most fit your academic path—as you’ll note on the Social Media page, we have several to choose from.

Feel free to view the Prezi for a presentation George Yatchisin gave on social media and public relations on November 12, 2014.

A fine white paper, if already two-years old, "Using Twitter in University Research, Teaching, and Impact Activities," created by a group at the London School of Economics, is available online. Also remember there's a fuller, more robust search function than just the search bar on Twitter; that's Twitter Advanced Search.

Soon it will be possible to have a personal web page in addition to your standard faculty page, and we will keep you posted on that progress. In the meantime, and beyond, we suggest that faculty consider creating a presence on or Both these sites are similar to LinkedIn but for people in higher education. These resources allow you to follow and be followed by others interested in the same areas of research; allow you direct access so you can update your profile at any time; allow you to link to online articles you write; allow you to post a photo.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the website, issues of publicity, the use of images or the logo of the school, or care to know how to deal with the media, contact the school’s Communications Coordinator George Yatchisin at