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January 18 - January 31

Wednesday, January 18
events all around campus

The Day of Democratic Education

The UCSB Faculty Association (SBFA)—in collaboration with concerned faculty, student groups, and the lecturers union UC-AFT— will offer regular classes in Corwin Pavilion and other venues throughout campus in the form of dialogic panel discussions around themes highlighted by the recent election. All are welcome to attend and participate! See the full schedule.

Tuesday, January 19
10 am - 11:30 am, ED 4108

Contracts & Grants Office, Revised NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide

Note: this session is in place of the previously announced COS Pivot session that is now scheduled for Februrary 23.

Friday, January 20
all day, about the ED Building

CCSP Interview & Information Day

CCSP interviews candidates for its 2017-18 admission class.

Monday, January 23
12 pm - 1 pm, ED 1203

K.C. Busch, Why Words Matter--Developing Science Literacy Practices

This Science Education Colloquium is by K.C. Busch, a Postdoctoral Scholar with the Stanford NGSS Assessment Project at Stanford Center for Assessment, Language & Equity. It will present research and practical suggestions for building a teaching toolkit to support students’ development of scientific literacy. The research presented will be specific to how climate change is being communicated to and taken-up by students, but the implications and suggestions are applicable to a wider range of scientific topics.

Monday, January 23
12 pm - 1 pm, ED 1158

Hosford Clinic Policy Meeting

Tuesday, January 24
1 pm, ED 1215

TEP Information Meeting

For applicants: this meeting provides information regarding the structure of the credential program with the Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.); university, program, and state requirements for admission; and instructions for completing the online E-App.

Wednesday, January 25
11:30 am - 1:30 pm, ED 4108

CCSP Multi-Cultural Pot-Luck Lunch

This annual event is open to all CCSP students, faculty, staff and visiting scholars.

Wednesday, January 25
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm, ED 1201

The Social Brew

Free food, caffeine, and time to connect for students, faculty, and staff. Sponsored by GSAE.

Thursday, January 26
12 pm - 1 pm, ED 1203

Cynthia Hill, What Do We Notice? Instructor Attention to Students' Scientific Thinking in Written Work

This Science Education Colloquium is by Cynthia Hill, a House Fellow and Visiting Researcher in Flora Rose House, which is part of the West Campus House System at Cornell University. It will discuss practices of instructor feedback that support students’ scientific reasoning in written work and propose teaching practices that encourage instructor engagement with and support of student reasoning in written work.

Monday, January 30
12 pm - 1 pm, ED 4108

Ethan Hutt, Long-Term Relationships: How Longitudinal Datasets Shaped Our Views of Educational Attainment, Inequality, and the American School System

This free talk will explore the origins and implications of talking about educational achievement—and educational equity—in national terms focusing specifically on Cold War efforts by the federal government to inform itself about the state of American children. The talk argues that the legacy of these Cold War decisions has had an important, but overlooked, impact on how we think about, research, and reform our nation’s schools. Part of the “Policy Goes to School Series.”

Tuesday, January 31
12 pm - 1 pm, ED 1203

Lisa Algee, Title TBA

This Science Education Colloquium is by Lisa Algee, Science Education Specialist at CSU Monterey Bay.