During the 2021-2022 academic year, the combined generosity of over 200 donors - including 71 alumni, 90 parents and friends, 75 faculty members, 3 current UC Santa Barbara Foundation trustees, and 18 foundations and organizations - supported student fellowships, impactful research, and clinical and programmatic activities in the Gevirtz School. 

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

$100,000 – $999,999
Elaine F. Stepanek Foundation
Gilbert J. Martin Foundation
Kelly and Scott Trueman

$25,000 - $99,999
James S. Bower Foundation
Henry and Inell Chase
Cottage Health System
The Peter Douglas Foundation
        Peter Douglas
Rancho La Purisima
        Tina Hansen McEnroe ’89 and
        Paul V. McEnroe
Naturipe Berry Growers, Inc.
Santa Barbara Foundation
Helen and Will Webster Foundation
        Alec ’76 and Claudia ’75 Webster

$5,000 - $24,999
Anonymous (2)
James Acos ’72
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Cynthia ’68, ’76 and Frederick Brinkman
Sheila and Tony DiCioccio
Dr. Carol and James Dixon
The Peter J. Frenkel Foundation
        Stephan and Terri Frenkel
Dr. Charles Hale and Dr. Melissa Smith
Dr. Ann P. Kaganoff ’81
Drs. Anna and Petar Kokotovic
Peggy ’72, ’87 and Richard Lamb
Amy Wendel and Daniel Meisel
Montecito Bank and Trust
Joanne Onstine-Dill ’71, ’73 and Stanley B. Dill
Thomas and Carrie Tighe
Towbes Foundation
Anne Smith Tobes H’20
Dr. Carrie Towbes and Dr. John Lewis

$1,000 - $4,999
        In honor of Waid Ibrahim
Jewish Community Fund of Orange County
        Gideon S. Bernstein ’92 and Jeanne E. Pepper ’92
Dr. Jules Zimmer and Carolyn Cogan ’59, ‘73, ’83
Cushman Family Foundation
        Louisa ’93 and Stewart ’93 Cushman
Dr. Kellie ’91 and David DeLozier
Sally Duncan Mantooth ’74, ’75
Fahs-Beck Fund for Research & Experimentation
Dr. Toks Fashola ’95
Dr. Judith L. Green
Charles Nasser ’77
Dr. Scott L. ’94 and Maia Thomas
Dr. Charles Weis, III ’91
Carol D. Young ’64

$500 - $999
Sempra Energy
Dr. Luis Chen ’06, ’13 and King-Man Patricia Fu ’07, ’12
Connell & Anderson LLP
Dr. Timothy Dewar ’04, ’08 and
        Sherri Bryan ’96, ’98
Nancy and Dr. John ’93 Doner
Brittney J. Figueroa ’16,’19
Stuart and Deborah Fuss
Dr. Elisa Hernandez ’12 and Miguel Loza
Jewish Community Fund of Los Angeles
        Richard and Lois Gunther
Sabrina Kwist ’01 and Erin Pullin ’03
Qualcomm, Inc.
John ’73 and Mary Romo
Geoffrey and Alison Rusack
Peggy J. ‘61 and Jon B. Russell
Richard and Patti Shavelson
Robert Wakefield ’57
Georg Winkler

$100 - $499
Serena Argil ’05
Dr. Heidi Zetzer ’90 and Dr. Greg Ashby
Julie Bissel ’74
Merry Boyd
Katherine Breshears
Nigel ’71 and Constance ’86 Buxton
Drs. David ‘67, ‘69 and Jean ’68, ’69 Campbell
Rabbi Stephen and Miriam Cohen
Betty Conboy
Dr. Elena Diamond ’08
Dr. Timothy Duggan ‘83, ’84
Drs. Jane and Richard Duran
David ’66 and Linda ’67 Forman
Evan ’94 and Stephanie ’94 Goldman
Dr. Shane Jimerson
Susan Johnson
Melanie Landsberg ’93
Marilyn Lee and Honorable Harvey Schneider
Bridget Lopez-Nieto ’05
Dr. Krista Lucas ’19, ’21
Dr. Jeffrey Milem and Rose Santellano-Milem
Charlotte Mohan ’64
Dr. Jeffrey Moniz ‘02, ‘06
Dr. Amber Moran ’05, ’10, ’11
Claire Moyes
Dr. Susan Opas ’95—
        In honor of Dr. Judith Green
Dr. Dennis Pataniczek ’74
Margarita and Matt Perko
Christine Perris ’65
Dr. Dante and Ann Pieramici
Nathaniel C. Pinkston ’04
Trevor Povah
Kevin Pullin
Brian Schlaak ’86
Patricia S. Smale ’70
Dr. R. William Sowders ’67
Mr. John Tamkun and Ms. Renate Deuring
Dr. I-Hsing Tan ’92 and Dr. Ying-Lan Chang ’96
Paul and Mary Wren
Dr. Elizabeth Yeager ’69, ’03