Privately funded fellowships support the most promising graduate and undergraduate students within the Department of Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology (CCSP), the Department of Education, and the Teacher Education Program (TEP). 

Abdullah and Marjorie Rose Nasser Memorial Fellowship in Psychology

This award was established by Charles Nasser, an alumnus of the Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology in honor of his parents. The fellowship is used to support graduate students within CCSP. 

Alumni Fellowship Funds for Education, CCSP, and TEP Graduate Students

Gevirtz School alumni established three funds to support future generations of students who will soon join them as graduates. These funds are intended to help offset the rising costs of tuition.

Ann Parkinson Kaganoff Family Endowment for Literacy

The Ann Parkinson Kaganoff Family Endowment for Literacy (the Fund) was established to provide fellowships to help recruit and support graduate students with a focus on the study and research of literacy, with a preference for graduate students affiliated with the Gevirtz School’s McEnroe Reading and Language Arts Clinic.

Donald R. Atkinson Diversity Enhancement Award

This award is in honor of Professor Emeritus Donald R. Atkinson for his 30 years of service to the profession of counseling psychology. During his tenure, Professor Emeritus Atkinson was dedicated to making the Gevirtz School one that is affirming to all. The award is given to support student research or a dissertation in the area of multicultural counseling psychology.

Community Fellows Fund

The Community Fellows Initiative is an expanding partnership between the Gevirtz School, SB Unified School District (SBUnified), SBUnified’s Program for Effective Access to College (PEAC), and philanthropic investors including the James S. Bower Foundation, the Helen and Will Webster Foundation, and others. Through the Gevirtz School’s Community Fellows Fund, we are able to offer full fellowships to recruit and support highly qualified, local graduate students from diverse backgrounds who wish to join Santa Barbara’s education workforce upon completion of their credentialing master’s program in Teacher Education or School Psychology. These Community Fellowships cover all costs of the fellows’ graduate school experience. SBUnified compliments these generous fellowships with first right of refusal on appropriate jobs upon the fellows’ completion of their master’s programs. 

Cynthia and Frederick Brinkmann Fellowship

Established by Cynthia and Frederick Brinkmann, this award generously supports students pursuing teaching credentials in the Teacher Education Program.

Delaine A. Eastin Fellowship

Supports students to pursue an MA or Ph.D. in Education. Qualified recipients have academic promise and are the first in their family to attend graduate school (“first generation”). When there are multiple eligible candidates, preference is given to female students.

Dorman Commons Fellowship

Established in memory of Dorman Commons, past president of the California Board of Education, this fellowship supports financial aid for graduate students in the School of Education who are classroom teachers or professional educators returning to work on advanced degrees.

Dorothy M. Chun and Joseph Polchinski Fellowship

Supports qualified graduate student(s) enrolled in the interdisciplinary Emphasis in Applied Linguistics who are studying second language acquisition and closely-related topics.

Dr. J Student Teacher Fellowships

The Dr. J Student Teacher Fellowships honor the legacy of Dr. Richard Jamgochian, former Director of TEP. From 1968-1991, “Dr. J” was an enthusiastic and tireless advocate for teacher education. Recipients of the fellowship show promise as future teachers and exemplify the ideals that Dr. J promoted. According to Dr. J, learning to teach should be a collegial endeavor. He judged teaching to be both a science and an art, and he encouraged teachers to engage in on-going self-examination and professional development to maintain skills in both endeavors.

Dr. Sabrina Tuyay Memorial Fellowship

For twelve years, until her untimely death in June 2005, Dr. Sabrina Tuyay taught Literacy/Language Arts Methods and Procedures courses in TEP. This memorial fellowship acknowledges teacher candidates who have shown a commitment to providing thoughtful literacy and English language instruction to elementary-age and/or special education students. What distinguished Sabrina was her passionate dedication to ensuring that teachers become critical thinkers and risk takers, leaders willing to push boundaries so that all students can optimally learn to read and write and think.

Gale and Richard Morrison Fellowship

Established by Gevirtz School Professor and Dean Emeritus, Gale Morrison, and her husband Richard Morrison ’69, this fellowship is awarded to top applicants to the Gevirtz School to pursue a Ph.D., or deserving students who have advanced to Ph.D. candidacy and are working on their dissertations.

Gevirtz Fellowship

Gevirtz Fellowships are awarded from an endowed fund dedicated to supporting GGSE programs, activities, and students who show promise for having a positive impact on public education. Students from all areas of the Gevirtz School are eligible. This fellowship is made possible by the generosity and legacy of Don and Marilyn Gevirtz.

James D. and Carol N. Dixon Graduate Fellowship

Supports MA or Ph.D. students with a focus on reading studies and/or the broader field of literacy studies. There is a selection preference for Education Department students who are involved in Reading Clinic activities.

James Hong Memorial Research Fund Fellowship

Established in memory of UCSB student, James Hong. This fund supports graduate students in the Gevirtz School’s Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology who are pursuing research on at-risk youth and school violence, with the goal of helping to prevent violence and promote safety.

Lee Broadbent—Vern Persell Scholarship in Applied Psychology

Supports upper division undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need who are enrolled in the Gevirtz School’s Applied Psychology minor. This fellowship was established in 2020 by Lee Broadbent, who graduated from UCSB in 1962 with a B.S. in Psychology. While at UCSB, Dr. Broadbent was influenced by his counselor and mentor, Vernon Persell, UCSB’s first Director of Counseling. While Lee was a struggling student reaching out to the Counseling Center for help, Vern provided support and a vision for Lee that set him on his ultimate career path, helping other students reach their potential. This endowed scholarship honors Vern and ensures that other undergraduates are afforded an opportunity to explore future education and careers in the field of counseling psychology.

Marika Ann Critelli Memorial Fellowships for Community Service

Established in memory of Marika Ann Critelli, this fellowship highlights one of the core values of TEP—that of community service. It supports credential candidates who have shown a commitment to providing community service, either through their own efforts and/or by providing opportunities for K-12 students to engage in activities that benefit local or global communities.

Martha Aldridge Promise Award

Martha Aldridge was a UCSB staff member from 1961 until her death in 1986. The Promise Award, established in her honor by her friends, family, and colleagues, is given to top credential candidates in the Teacher Education Program (TEP) to assist with the transition to their first teaching position in elementary education. 

Patty Hopkins-Acos Memorial Fellowship

This fellowship supports TEP students working toward the Educational Specialist Credential, who demonstrate the professional and personal dedication exemplified by Patty Hopkins-Acos throughout her career with special needs children. This fellowship recognizes and encourages future special education teachers who, like Patty, inspire others with their excitement about teaching, compassion, irrepressible energy, courage, integrity, and sense of humor.

Peggy Fredericksen Memorial Fellowship

Peggy Fredericksen received her B.A. in Elementary Education from UC Santa Barbara in 1951. She then pursued a career teaching elementary school in Santa Barbara and Long Beach. This fellowship fund has been created to honor and sustain her memory and passion for K-12 education by supporting TEP candidates.

Phillip and Helen Green Research Fellowships

The Philip & Helen Green Research Fellowship is focused on graduate students with a commitment to research that supports democratic practices and equity of access for immigrant and second language students from lower socio-economic statuses. The overarching goal of this fellowship is to foster budding researchers who are identifying practices that support socially, culturally and academically diverse students in gaining access to American society. There is a very strong selection preference for students who are aligned with and employing an ethnographic and/or discourse-based research approach. 

Priscilla and Susan Drum Memorial Endowed Fellowship

Established in memory of Priscilla Drum, a Professor in the School of Education from 1976-1994, and her sister Susan. The fellowship supports qualified graduate student(s) pursuing an MA or Ph.D. with a focus on Literacy in the Education Department. Prior academic merits are not an eligibility requirement; however, recipients do demonstrate prospective promise as scholars. Selection preference is given to students who have persevered through hardships and demonstrated grit in the pursuit of their vision of becoming scholars.

Ray E. Hosford Memorial Fund Fellowship

Established in memory of Ray E. Hosford, Professor of Education, this fund supports merit-based graduate fellowships for doctoral students in Counseling Psychology, preferably going to those pursuing research in Social Learning Theory.

Special Education Fellowship established by Peggy and Dick Lamb

Supports aspiring special education teachers who are dedicated to a long-term professional commitment of working in school settings with students who qualify for special education services, as well as with their families.

Thomas G. Haring Memorial Fellowship 

Established in memory of Thomas G. Haring, a member of the Graduate School of Education faculty and renowned researcher and teacher. His research and teaching focused on individuals with severe disabilities. Dr. Haring was committed to improving the lot of individuals with special needs in education and the community. The fellowship supports students with a focus on the education of individuals with special needs, with attention to social and applied cognitive behavior analysis in integrated educational and community settings.

Vivian Guerrier “Hope” Fellowships

This fellowship honors longtime Gevirtz School staff member Vivian Guerrier, who died in August 2007, after more than a decade of service to the GGSE and TEP. The Vivian Guerrier “Hope” Fellowships recognize and encourage credential candidates who persevere in spite of hardships to accomplish their vision to become educators and who, like Vivian, inspire others with their courage and integrity.

William and Charlene Glikbarg Family Foundation Fellowship

Supports Teacher Education Program students who have made a commitment to teach in a low-income, ethnically diverse community where students historically may not complete high school and where dedicated teaching can positively affect the future for otherwise disadvantaged students.