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July 3 - August 31

Tuesday, July 4

Independence Day

All offices closed and classes canceled.

July 5 - July 28
ED Bldg

McEnroe Reading & Language Arts Clinic, Interactive Summer Literacy Experience

A team of trained staff – including credentialed teachers and graduate students from the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education – will provide language arts instruction in small-group settings, including engagement in digital literacies (multimedia stories, creating visual/audio texts, etc.), with research-based literacy curriculum.

Thursday, July 6
8:30 am - 10 am, Broida 3302

UCSB Experiential Education Group, Experiential Education Panel

Moderated by Don Lubach, Associate Dean of First Year & Graduate Student Initiatives, this panel consists of Advisors from departments across campus who currently have active internship programs as well as the Student Experience Coordinator from Career Services. We invite you to come and learn more about what experiential education means to staff, students and departments and how you can work towards developing your own program on campus.

July 10 - July 21
UCSB Campus

South Coast Writing Project (SCWriP), Young Writer’s Camp, Session II

A typical day at camp includes daily journal writing and structured writing workshops, including time for peer mentor groups. Such sessions will occur for grades 3-4, 5-6. Grades 7-9 also offers Digital writing, building on the usual YWC experience but incorporate 21st Century types of composing, which might include creating blogs, videos, or other digital technologies that enhance and expand on the writing process.

Monday, July 10
5:30 pm, Hatlen Theatre

Summer Sessions GRIT Talk, Greg Ashby: “I have no idea how I did that: The remarkable learning abilities of the human brain”

Professor Greg Ashby from the Dept. of Psychology gives this free lecture. Humans have multiple learning systems that for the most part are functionally and anatomically distinct, evolved at different times for different purposes, and that learn in qualitatively different ways. Progress on understanding these systems has been slowed because most difficult learning tasks recruit multiple systems, making it difficult to know which system mediated any specific performance improvement. One approach that circumvents this problem is to study how people learn new categories of objects. This research has allowed us to map the neural networks that underlie each system and has identified many important and surprising differences in how the systems learn.

July 10 - August 3
ED Bldg

South Coast Writing Project (SCWriP), 39th Annual Invitational Summer Institute in Composition and Critical Literacy

During this four-week think-tank, teachers from all grade-levels, K to college, across all disciplines, collaboratively investigate best practices in writing and literacy instruction through shared demonstrations of practice, readings, and an intense focus on our own writing and reading processes.

Wednesday, July 12
12 pm - 1pm, Library Room 1575

Lunch & Learn featuring Emmie Matsuno, Counseling Psychology

Also featuring Nicoletta Browne from Earth Science. A lunchtime opportunity to learn more about these two fields (Matsuno is a doctoral candidate in CCSP). This event is presented by the Graduate Division, the UCSB Library, and the Graduate Student Association. Please rsvp online.

Tuesday, August 1
11 am, ED 1203

Wednesday, August 16
12 pm, ED 1203

Thursday, August 31
1 pm, ED 1203

TEP Information Meetings

For applicants to the Teacher Education Program: these meetings provide information regarding the structure of the credential program with the Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.); university, program, and state requirements for admission; and instructions for completing the online E-App.