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April 16 - April 30

Monday, April 16
7:30 pm, UCSB Campbell Hall

Nadine Burke Harris, M.D., Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is a pioneering physician who delivers targeted care to vulnerable children. Her groundbreaking research shows how childhood adversity such as abuse, neglect and even divorce can change our biological systems – from stress responses and growth rates to diabetes, heart disease and more – and that these changes can last a lifetime. Burke Harris will reveal not only how deeply our bodies can be imprinted, but also what we can do to break the cycle. A free lecture presented by UCSB Arts & Lectures.

Tuesday, April 17
12 pm - 2 pm, Faculty Club Lagoon Room

Research Development, Proposal Writing Seminar

Seminar 1: assessing funding agency fit, productive writing strategies, formulating a research idea, and writing the introduction.

Tuesday, April 17
3 pm - 4 pm, SRB MPR

Jacob Kirksey, Grad Slam Semifinal Round 2

Kirksey, a student in Education, will give the presentation “Schools as Sanctuaries: Is ICE Raiding the American Dream from Schoolgoing Immigrant-Origin Youth?”

Wednesday, April 18
11 am - 12 pm, SRB MPR

Jasmine McBeath, Grad Slam Semifinal Round 3

McBeath, a student in Education, will give the presentation “Community-Oriented Making: Engineering Change.”

Wednesday, April18
12 pm - 1 pm, ED 4108

David Liu & Bryant Hopkins, Helping Special Populations Succeed in K-12

The second event in the lecture series “ExpandED: Broadening the Understanding of Today’s Educational Issues,” which features graduate students from across the country discussing their ongoing research, much of which will be dedicated to improving diversity and equity in education. Refreshments provided.

Wednesday, April18
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm, ED 4108

SAO, Annual Ice Cream Social

Free ice cream in honor of the Graduate Student Showcase.

Thursday, April 19
7:30 am - 9 am, El Paseo Restaurant

Dean Jeff Milem, Speaker at the Chancellor's Community Breakfast

At the Chancellor’s Community Breakfast, Jeffrey Milem will discuss Education, Diversity and Democracy: Realizing Higher Education’s Promise to Prepare Citizens for an Increasingly Diverse Democracy.

Monday, April 23
6 pm - 7:30 pm, MCC Theater

Daniel Solorzano, Using the Critical Race Tool of Racial Microaggressions to Examine Everyday Racism in Academic and Social Spaces

Professor Daniel Solorzano, from UCLA, will use a Critical Race Theory framework and the tools of racial microaggressions to study everyday racism inside and outside of university spaces. He will share various forms of data and working models to examine racial microaggressions, exploring the trajectory of this research and the questions yet unanswered. Lastly, he will engage our colleagues in a dialogue about how we can improve the university learning environments to maximize engagement, learning and discovery for our increasingly diverse communities. Part of the Dean’s Lecture Series on Education, Diversity, and Democracy. A free event.

Tuesday, April 24
9 am - 12 pm, UCSB campus

Harding School, UCSB Visit

The 4th through 6th graders from the Harding School come to the UCSB campus and take part in activities coordinated with their school curriculum. This will be the ninth annual visit of students from the Harding University Partnership School to campus.

Tuesday, April 24
2 pm - 3 pm, ED 1205

TEP Information Meeting

For applicants: this meeting provides information regarding the structure of the credential program with the Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.); university, program, and state requirements for admission; and instructions for completing the online E-App.

Saturday, April 28
11 am - 1 pm, ED Bldg

2018 School Maker Faire

Like other Maker Faires, this event will celebrate “making,” that is hands-on activities related to robotics, circuits, crafts, building, and other pursuits. Register: