Gevirtz School Diversity Statement

We embrace all identities related to race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, culture, national origin, spirituality, ability/disability, socioeconomic status and age. As a Minority Serving Institution (HSI and AANAPISI) designated public university in the state of California, we are especially cognizant of the social justice responsibilities we have given our geographic location and the diverse population we serve. We are dedicated to understanding the diversity of linguistic and cultural practices and strengths that individuals bring with them from their families, neighborhoods and communities, and to understanding their experiences in and out of schools and through the life span. We are committed to partnering with educational institutions and human service entities in developing, implementing and sustaining programs that harness these strengths, in the interest of enhancing the education and wellbeing of all by ensuring that hiring and curricula address the needs of the populations we serve.

Moreover, we recognize the disparities in education and mental health which have caused harm to many, and are dedicated to identifying the root causes of these inequities and addressing them through cutting edge, community based research, practice, service and teaching. We recognize that diversity in the workforce increases excellence and aspire to a climate of inclusive and responsive education centered on diversity for all students, faculty and staff.