Welcome!  Do you have any technical questions or needs?  The ITG office is open Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 8PM and Friday from 8AM to 5PM.  You are welcome to stop by, give us a call, or email us.

Location:  ED4201

Phone:  (805) 893-8031

Email (preferred):  help@education.ucsb.edu


Frequently asked Questions:

You can use UCSB Wireless Web or Eduroam.  Wireless Web can provide guest access to someone without campus credentials.  Eduroam can be used at other campuses that also use Eduroam.

UCSB Wireless Web:

After connecting to the UCSB Wireless Web network, a browser should open with a login screen (guests can also connect by scrolling down and selecting "guest registration").

Use your campus NetID and NetID password to connect (if your email is test@ucsb.edu, your NetID is "test").


After connecting, you will be prompted for credentials.

Enter your full UCSB NetID email and accompanying password ("test@ucsb.edu", not just "test").

These are credentials that are specific to GGSE (as opposed to your "campus" NetID credentials).  They grant you access to GGSE-specific services such as logging into GGSE computers, generating print credits, and access to restricted drives.

New students and lecturers to GGSE will want to reach out to us to confirm account activation (email us at help@education.ucsb.edu).  We are also happy to help out if you need a password reset or any other account adjustments.

While Qualtrics support is generally provided directly by Qualtrics, here are some links to help get you to the right place.

  • Qualtrics Help - General Information, including how to create a UCSB Qualtrics account.
  • Qualtrics GGSE Login
  • Email ggse_qualtrics@education.ucsb.edu - For GGSE Qualtrics account issues.

Some doors are always open during normal operating hours.  Others are restricted and require badge access granted to your UCSB Access Card.  In many cases, this process is automated but in some instances you may need to request access.  Some examples of this would be Ada's Lab access for students and classroom access for lecturers during their class hours.

You can request door access by emailing Amy Meredith (amymeredith@ucsb.edu).  You may be asked to provide pictures of your UCSB Access Card for verification.

Need to get into a class or lab right away?  Contact us (ITG) and we can help you get immediate, temporary access during operating hours.

You can access your UCSB email here:


Please login using your UCSB NetID and password.

GGSE students are assessed a $2.50 per unit fee that goes towards providing various technical services at GGSE.  This maxes out at 15 units per quarter.  This fee is not charged over summer quarter.  For more detailed information regarding the Student Technology Fee, please read our FAQ:

GGSE Student Tech Fee FAQ

You will need a GGSE account to print in  Ada's Lab.  Not sure if you have one?  Please contact us at help@education.ucsb.edu.  Here are instructions for both Mac and Windows wireless printing:

Mac Wireless Printing in Ada's Lab

Windows Wireless Printing in Ada's Lab