Santiago Melendez is currently did his student teaching at Hope Elementary School. He was born and raised in Santa Barbara, and moved to Long Beach to study at Long Beach State where he completed his B.A. in Public Relations in 2020. He will be receiving his Master's in Education and multiple subject teaching credential from the Teacher Education Program.

GGSE: What one thing about teaching do you wish you could share with more people?
Santiago Melendez: I wish I could share with more people how important setting expectations for your students is! I think expressing to your students where you want them to be by the end of the lesson/end of the unit sets the expectation for all students that they need to work with you to achieve whatever is necessary!

GGSE: Tell us about one of your fondest GGSE memories.
Melendez: One of my favorite memories at GGSE was celebrating my birthday over the summer in class with everyone in MST.

GGSE: What's next for you?
Melendez: After graduating, I hope to work in Goleta and give back to the community that raised me.

GGSE: Are there people at the Gevirtz School you would like to thank?
Melendez: I'd like to thank Danielle Whitaker, Michelle Meyer, Bethany Ellis, Sarah Jacobs, and Tanya Mishler because I feel like they supported me the most in this program. I knew I could always go to them for help and they did exactly that. They supported and guided me SO much this past year, and I don't think I would've made it through the program without their support!

Santiago Melendez