Frequently Asked Questions

Where is UCSB located?

The University of California, Santa Barbara is located on 989 acres of the California coast about 8 miles northwest of Santa Barbara and 90 miles north of Los Angeles.

How can I find the Education Building on campus and then find a room in the building?

We have a campus map showing our location; we are located on the corner of Ocean and El Colegio Roads. That page also features an online building directory. There is also a directory posted in the single elevator in the central tower of the building.

Where can I park if I am going to visit the Education Building?

You can park in lot 27 which can be found on this map. Parking fees and more information are also available online.

How can I visit UCSB?

The Visitors’ Center home page has information about campus tours, driving to UCSB, a campus map, a virtual tour, a list of local hotels and motels, and the dates for special events. If you’d like to meet with one of the GGSE’s faculty members during your visit, you can contact the faculty member directly for an appointment.

How did the School get its name?

In 2000 Ambassador Don L. and Mrs. Marilyn E. Gevirtz, longtime UC Santa Barbara supporters, made a $10 million commitment to support the excellence and visibility of the Graduate School of Education. To honor their generosity and dedication to promoting research and developing programs in education, the campus designated the School as The Gevirtz Graduate School of Education.

What programs does the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education (GGSE) offer?

You may see a full list of programs and degrees in our Departments/Programs of Study chart.

How do I apply?

We provide a step-by-step checklist for both departments: Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP) Application Checklist; Education Application Checklist.

For the Teacher Education Program (TEP), you need to follow the handbook for the type of credential you hope to get; see the TEP How to Apply page to access those.

If you have any questions prior to beginning an online application, please email the Student Affairs Office:

Do you offer an undergraduate degree or minors?

We do not offer an undergraduate bachelor’s degree but do offer three minors. See our Undergraduate Studies page for more information.

What are the research interests of the faculty?
How many students attend the School annually?

Our graduate student population ranges from 375 – 400 students annually.

How many faculty members does the School have?

For 2021-22:

  • 43 Senate Faculty Members
  • 11 Continuing Lecturers
  • 2 Researchers
  • 8 Academic Coordinators
  • 11 Affiliated Faculty
  • 21 Emeriti Faculty
  • 20 Lecturers
How many degrees are awarded annually?

Approximately 90 teacher credentials, 110 Masters, and 40 Ph.D.s.

What does it cost to attend the School?

See the university-wide Registrar’s page for a summary of quarterly fees and expenses.

What year was the School established?

The School has its roots in the Santa Barbara State Normal School of Manual Arts and Home Economics, which was officially established in 1909. That college became a University of California campus in 1944. The School of Education was founded as a separate unit in 1961, followed by conversion to graduate-level status in 1967. In 2006, the Counseling, Clinical and School Psychology Program was recognized as a full-fledged department. The new department had been in the Department of Education in the Gevirtz Graduate School since 1970.

Are the School and its departments and programs accredited?

The Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP) is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association as a combined psychology program. The Teacher Education Program is fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing  (CTC). The School also undergoes regular academic program reviews conducted by UCSB’s Office of Budget and Planning. UCSB as a whole is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Are the School’s clinics available to the public?

Yes. Learn more about the services available at the Koegel Autism Center, Hosford Counseling and Psychological Services Clinic, and McEnroe Reading & Language Arts Clinic on our Clinical Services page.

Are there job openings at the School?

In addition to being posted on UC Santa Barbara’s main job board, all Gevirtz School openings for faculty, researchers, and staff are posted on our Employment page.

How may I donate to the School?

Gifts to the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education help support and improve the quality of our students, faculty, programs, and facilities. On our Giving Page you will learn how to donate online, by phone, and by mail.