The Dean’s Lecture Series on Education, Diversity and Democracy brings preeminent thought leaders, educators, and public figures to the UC Santa Barbara campus who will stimulate us to reflect on the important role that education plays, or should play, in helping to build a democratic society that is becoming increasingly diverse. Dean Milem says, “While these topics and issues have always been important to explore, the current state of public discourse greatly amplifies the need for us all to engage in critical conversations that will enhance our understanding and create collective action.”

At this lecture, Dean Milem discussed the ways in which higher education stakeholders can work together to create equitable, vibrant, engaging institutions that prepare citizens for an increasingly diverse democracy. The lecture built upon three decades of scholarship regarding race relations and education, the outcomes of diversity in higher education, and the essential components of diverse and equitable learning environments.

The second lecture in the series featured Dr. Daniel G. Solorzano of UCLA giving the talk "Using the Critical Race Tool of Racial Microaggressions to Examine Everyday Racism in Academic and Social Spaces" on April 23, 2018.

The third event in the series featured a screening of the documentary The Pushouts followed by a discussion among Dr. Victor Rios and Dr. Rebeca Mireles-Rios from the film and Deans Jeffrey Milem and Charles Hale on April 29, 2019.