The ACCESS Card is the official identification card of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Specifically for GGSE students, it’s needed to access some rooms in the Education Building as well as for after hours entry.

To obtain one of these cards, please follow the steps below:
1) Go to the UCEN Information Desk, pay the $30 charge for the card, and have your picture taken.
2) Notify GGSE’s Student Affairs Office that you have obtained an ACCESS Card and provide the badge ID number (number following * on the backside of your card). Access should be added to your card within approximately 24 hours.
3) The fee for replacing a lost or damaged card is $30.

*** Each GGSE student will be given access to the Building and ADAs Lab automatically. Additional access will be provided based on employment and faculty authorization. Access levels can be adjusted at the discretion of the access card administrator. ***