Effective October 15, 2017, Hotel rates are capped at $275 per night for trips within the lower 48 states, before taxes and other hotel fees. If you are in a higher cost city (like New York) and are unable to secure a room at or below $275, you must submit the A8. Lodging Limit Justification explaining why a rate under the cap could not be obtained and provide screen shots of price comparisons within the proximity of the meeting location.  The price comparison should be performed at the time of booking.

Lodging receipts should be itemized and include a breakdown of the nightly rate, taxes and fees.

*Package deals for lodging on discount travel sites such as Expedia and Orbitz do not provide the breakdown and are not allowable for reimbursement.

The A8. Lodging Limit Justification can be found on the GGSE Resources page int the Expenses section, under A. Travel Forms/Guides.