The Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology holds its annual Research Festival on Monday, November 13 2023.

The Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology (CCSP) at the UC Santa Barbara Gevirtz School will be holding a Research Festival on Monday, November 13 from 8:25 am to 12:20 pm at Education Building Room 1217. Thirteen students will be presenting their cutting-edge research during the symposium event. In order to receive their Master’s degree, all 2nd year CCSP students submit a research festival proposal in the spring. As third year students, they present their findings to the department.


Sarely Licona (she/her) - Modifying Autism Early Interventions for Spanish-Speaking Families: Evaluating Outcomes of a Translated Pivotal Response Treatment Program

Hanan Salem (she/her) - Evaluating How Natural Helpers Engage Low-Income Latinx Parents in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Gabriella Hinojosa, M.Ed. (she/hers) - Impostor Phenomenon in Black School Psychology Graduate Students

Arnold Rodriguez Robles (he/him/his) - Examining the Effects of Language Instruction Models on Executive Functioning in Elementary School Students

Maira Anaya-Lopez (she/her(s)/ella) - Parental Trajectories and Well-Being of Latine Spanish-speaking Parents of Children with Autism

Nic M. Ramirez, M.A. (she/they) - Queer and Nonbinary Survivors of Trauma: A Mixed Methods Exploration of Sexual Negotiation and Shame Following Sexual Assault Among Queer Women and Nonbinary People

Emmanuel Jose Pérez (he/him/his) - Supporting Kindergarten Readiness by Supporting Parents

Daniela Sarmiento Hernández (she/her) - Acceptability and Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Prevention Program for Latinx families: Empowering Youth Perspectives

Lindita Djokovic (she/her) - It’s Hard to Have Hope When You Don’t See Any Hope: The Mental Health Impact of the Pandemic on Adults Who Lived Alone

Angela Pollard (she/her) - Patterns of Youth-Caregiver Agreement and Intervention Outcomes: Findings from the Youth Empowerment Services Program

Isaiah Jay Jones (he/they) - It’s Not Just How Hard You Work, But Who You Work With: The Power of Micro- Aggressions & Affirmations on Student Women of Color

Damaris Garcia Valerio - Returning to Birth Land: An Exploration of DACA Recipients’ Journey to Their Ancestral Roots

Lakhvir Kaur, EDS - A Latent Class Analysis (LCA) Examining School Climate Perception Among Indian American Adolescents


CCSP adheres to a scientist-practitioner training model; therefore, heavy emphasis is placed on developing academic, research, and practitioner knowledge and skills. The organizing themes that integrate the identity of the department are (a) the values of human diversity and individual differences (b) health and development across the lifespan, and (c) ecological (e.g., family, school, societal) influences on human behavior.