Welcome to the Educational Studies Minor. In this minor, we view education as a process that deals with the development of the whole child in school and community contexts. We consider the cognitive, emotional, and social well being of the learner in terms of their individual agency and interests, societal goals and pressures, and issues of equity and diversity.

This minor allows you to take a wide variety of courses that consider the needs of the learner from multiple perspectives. Core and elective courses will explore topics related to psychology, child development, teachers and teaching, schools, STEM education, special education, afterschool programs, health education, and educational leadership. Practicum courses will give you valuable hands-on experience in classrooms, afterschool programs, and research projects.

Through courses and fieldwork experiences, you can start to consider a variety of careers in teaching, psychology, community outreach, and educational research. This minor is also well suited to students who have other career objectives but want to understand the institution of education and its role in society.

Educational Studies Minor 2023-2024 Requirements  

(23 Units Required)  

Core and practicum courses taken beyond the number required will count as electives.

  • ED 111 Intro to Child and Adolescent Develop (4 units)
  • ED 123 Culture, Development and Education (4 units)
  • ED 125* Schooling in the U.S. (4 units)
  • ED 126 Social Connectedness, Motivation, and Self-Regulation in Education (4 units)
  • ED 145 Introduction to Research Methods (4 units)
  • ED 150 Teaching and Teachers (4 units)

* ED W 125 is the online version of ED 125

  • ED 121 Introduction to K-12 Teaching (4 units)
  • ED 122 Pre-professional Work in the K-12 Classroom (2 units, P/NP)
  • ED 124 Practicum in Community Based Learning (4 units)
  • ED 128 CalTeach Elementary Mathematics Education (4 units)
  • ED 129 CalTeach Elementary Science Education (4 units)
  • ED 130 CalTeach Secondary Mathematics Education (4 units)
  • ED 131 CalTeach Secondary Science Education (4 units)
  • ED 139 Community Based Coastal Literacies (4 units)
  • ED 146 Community-Based Research and Outreach (4 units)
  • ED 176B Practicum in Individual Differences (4 units)
  • Math 100A Math for Elementary Teaching, I (3 units)
  • CNCSP 110 Intro. Educational and Vocational Counseling (4 units)
  • CNCSP 114 Psychology of Gender (4 units)
  • ED 109S or SS or M Health Education (4 units)
  • ED W 119 Framework for Teaching and Learning in K-12 Public School Classrooms (4 units)
  • ED 132 Innovative Practices for English Language Learners in K-12 Math & Science Classrooms (4 units)
  • ED 133 Physics and Everyday Thinking (4 units)
  • ED 134: Advanced Problem Solving in Mathematical, Historical & Pedagogical Contexts (4 units)
  • ED 135: Advanced Problem Solving in Mathematical, Historical & Pedagogical Contexts (4 units)
  • ED 137 Equity in STEM Education (4 units)
  • ED 142 Development of Play, Language and Literacy in Early Childhood & Care Settings (4 units)
  • ED 173 Intro to Leadership Development (4 Units)
  • ED 190 Intro to Autism (Pre-reqs: Psychology 1, min. 3.0 GPA, 4 units)
  • ED 191W Health and Well-Being (4 units)
  • ED 199 Independent Studies (1-5 units)
  • ED 199RA Independent Research Assistance (1-5 units)
  • ED 196 may be used for the minor with advisor approval. Not all section of ED 196 will be approved.
  • ED 197 may be used for the minor with advisor approval. Not all sections of ED 197 will be approved.

If you are interested in teaching at the elementary school level or science and mathematics at the secondary level, please consider our Science and Mathematics Education Minor.

Students who are interested in the Educational Studies Minor must apply and be admitted to the minor before they begin coursework for the minor. Certain course registration will be restricted to seniors who have already been admitted to the minor during Pass I, and juniors who have already been admitted to the minor during remaining passes.