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Jimmy Padilla: CalTeach Success Story

Jimmy Padilla, trying to make it from a tough background in LA, nearly failed out of UCSB. But persistence, hard work, and courses in CalTeach gave him focus. Read his story here.

Teachers Make a Difference.  What Do You Want to Do?

CalTeach Prepares Exceptional K-12 Teachers in Science and Mathematics

CalTeach is a University of California system-wide program to recruit, prepare, and support exceptional K-12 teachers in science and mathematics. The initiative began in response to both state and national concerns about the critical shortage of highly qualified elementary and secondary teachers.

CalTeach at UCSB includes opportunities for both undergraduate students and graduate teacher credential candidates. These opportunities are outlined below.

At the undergraduate level, CalTeach combines quality courses and classroom experiences to prepare students to enter a teacher education program, such as the UCSB Gevirtz School’s Teacher Education Program. Many students taking CalTeach courses opt to fulfill the Science and Mathematics Education Minor, which has two tracks. One track is for prospective elementary teachers and the second is for prospective secondary teacher. 

At the graduate teacher education level, those who have taken CalTeach courses and/or participated in the CalTeach Physical Sciences and Engineering or COASTAL programs as undergraduates are given preference for the NSF Noyce Teacher Scholar awards. For 2021-2022, the Noyce CalTeach COASTAL award is available for students seeking a secondary credential in biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics in the UCSB Teacher Education Program

A Noyce Scholar award requires recipients to commit to two years of teaching in a high-needs school. Noyce Teacher Scholars also participate in regular enrichment activities and join a community of Noyce Teacher Scholars in California and the nation. One cannot receive both a Noyce and a TEACH award. For additional financial support for secondary science and mathematics teachers, see the Financial Support link on the left. Learn more information about Noyce COASTAL here.

STEM Undergraduate and Teacher Education Scholarship Opportunities

Application for Noyce COASTAL Internships for SBCC STEM Undergraduates for 2022-2023: Closed.

Application for Noyce COASTAL Scholarships for Mathematics and Science Teacher Candidates for 2022-23: CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION.


Undergraduate Opportunity: UCSB Learning Assistants Program in Chemistry

The Learning Assistants Program in Chemistry achieves the following goals: (1) to improve the quality of science education for all undergraduates; and (2) to recruit and prepare talented science majors for careers in teaching. LAs work directly with peers in the general chemistry laboratory in a role similar to that of a Teaching Assistant (TA). This experience provides an opportunity for the LAs to develop deeper chemistry content knowledge, communication skills, and teaching skills; an understanding of the learning process; and a sense of compassion towards those students struggling to learn concepts. As the LAs learn about STEM education pedagogy, they can practice what they learn as LAs in the chemistry lab.

To receive course credit, LAs enroll in CHEM 183, a Teaching Assistant course for undergraduates. CHEM 183 will meet Friday, 11-11:50 AM, in Phelps 1160. Click here for the syllabus.

To apply, click on the following: Chem 183 Learning Assistant Application S22.

For more information about UCSB's CalTeach contact

Karin Lohwasser
UCSB CalTeach Program Director 
(805) 893-8091 

For more information on the UC-wide CalTeach Science and Mathematics Initiative: http://calteach.universityofcalifornia.edu/