How to Get Help

Step 1

Call for information about our services and request an intake interview by calling 805-893-8064. The supervisor on duty will ask you to briefly describe why you are seeking counseling services. The fee for services is based on your annual income.

Step 2

Meet with the Intake Clinician. Intakes typically last two-three hours and start at 4:30 pm.

Step 3

The intake clinician will ask you to tell her/him about your life and the problems or difficulties that you might be facing. You will be asked to complete some assessments. These are paper and pencil surveys about different aspects of your life or situation.

Step 4

Once we have all of this information we will be able to determine whether we can help you at our clinic. Because this is a training clinic, we are not equipped to help everyone. It is possible that another agency or clinician might be a better fit for you. If this is the case, we will help refer you to an agency which meets your needs.

Step 5

If we determine that we are able to meet your needs and we have a clinician who is qualified to work with your issues, the clinician will contact you to arrange an initial therapy session.