The Koegel Autism Center Assessment Clinic offers a range of diagnostic, developmental, and psychological assessment services for individuals of all ages, from early childhood through adulthood.

Our autism-focused psychological evaluation services use a combination of in-person and online assessments and interviews. Interview-based assessment measures are generally conducted via Zoom teleconference in the days leading up to the in-person appointment date(s). Feedback sessions are generally conducted within two weeks of all testing information being collected.

Because our staff are also highly trained intervention researchers and clinicians, assessment results are seamlessly linked to practical, effective recommendations drawing from the latest intervention science.

As of April 18th, 2024 the Center has paused assessment scheduling and will resume scheduling by the end of October, 2024. During this time, new assessment requests via our registration form will be placed in a waitlist in the order that they are received. Once scheduling resumes, those who registered will be contacted in the order received. At this time, new rates will be posted on our website, including in this FAQ section. Families and individuals who have already scheduled with us will retain their secured dates.


What is an Assessment Evaluation?

An assessment is a way for us to better understand a child or adult's unique strengths and areas of difficulty. Assessments take on many forms: interactive activities, paper-and-pencil tasks, visual puzzles, question-and-answer activities, background questionnaires, checklist surveys, and child/parent interviews, to name a few. We have assessments for very young children, as well as those appropriate for adolescents and older adults. By comparing someone's assessment results to that of same-aged children or adults, we can better understand where they thrive and where they may struggle and need extra support.

Combining assessment results and other information from multiple sources allows us to thoroughly understand who a person is and provide detailed recommendations for home, school, and community settings. This process also allows us to make accurate clinical diagnoses, which can be a means to start receiving helpful services and supports from schools and community agencies.

Current Assessment Options

*Please note cost of evaluation is subject to change at the beginning of each fiscal year. If you are scheduling for a date after 07/01/2024, there may be slight variation in the cost of your assessment.

Two Day Comprehensive Psychological/Diagnostic Evaluation: This evaluation includes a review of the individual’s developmental history and relevant records, structured parent/caregiver interviews, all assessment administrations (tailored to the needs of the client and may include cognitive, diagnostic, adaptive skill, language, behavioral, neuropsych, and/or personality measures), feedback session, and the 10-20 page written report with recommendations. 

One-Day Psychological/Diagnostic Assessment: For individuals who do not require a comprehensive evaluation, we offer a one-day psychological assessment jointly conducted by licensed psychologists and doctoral student clinicians in clinical psychology.  This abbreviated assessment is an option for individuals and families seeking diagnostic clarification and does not use the same comprehensive assessment battery of the two-day evaluation. This battery typically includes cognitive testing, autism-specific testing, a caregiver diagnostic/developmental interview, a behavioral/personality screening measure, and a written report with recommendations. Feedback is provided via a follow-up in-person or phone conference on a separate day. 

One-Day Student Clinician-Led Psychological Assessment: Finally, we also offer a one-day student-led psychological assessment conducted exclusively by one of our advanced doctoral student clinicians, who is under the close supervision of a licensed psychologist. This battery typically includes cognitive testing, autism-specific testing, a behavioral/personality screening measure, and a written report with recommendations. This evaluation is only available to adults seeking assessment. Feedback is provided via a follow-up in-person or phone conference on a separate day.


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