The Koegel Autism Center's primary research goal is to develop and test new autism interventions designed to improve the lives of individuals, parents, and families. Most of our research projects offer support strategies at no cost to participating families. All research participation is voluntary. The center and its researchers has received past funding from state agencies, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, the Department of Education, Autism Speaks, Organization for Autism Research, the Autism Science Foundation, as well as private donors.

START Connections Program


A social interaction group for teens on the autism spectrum. Eligible teens will participate in an online or in-person program that features peer-facilitators, self-tracking of key skills, fun activities, social outings, and weekly interactive lessons. For more information, click the button below. 

STARS Connections Program

A classroom-based social interaction group for school-aged children on the autism spectrum. Through Kellogg School, children participate in a program geared towards developing social skills, understanding, insight, relationships, and awareness within their typical school day. For more information, click the button below.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy


Qualifying families of children with autism spectrum disorder can participate in this program that will teach you to manage your child’s difficult behaviors and promote a number of adaptive skills using a play-based approach. For more information click the button below.