Adult Support Services (Please note we are not taking new clients funded through DOR. We are only accepting new clients through our private pay option) 

If you are interested in Private Pay Adult Services please fill out your information here! You will then be contacted for a phone screen.

The Koegel Autism Center offers a 1-3 hour per week behavioral skills program to support autistic adults to improve their social skills and make social connections, improve time management and organizational skills, and build independent living skills to promote independence, create opportunities, and maximize quality of life.

The client meets with a graduate student clinician for 1 hour per week and with an undergraduate Peer Mentor for 1-2 hours per week. The program is supervised by a licensed psychologist.

PVSA Program Eligibility through the Department of Rehabilitation:

  • Live locally in Santa Barbara County
  • Have a documented diagnosis of Autism OR complete our “Screening Process” 2-hour in-person screening that has a fee of $100. The screening does not provide a medical diagnosis of Autism but would provide access to the free service if the your goals fit with the program.
  • Become a Consumer of the Department of Rehabilitation and meet their eligibility criteria 
    • Must identify a career or educational goal
    • Must meet with DOR staff for an intake and complete their paperwork
    • Must qualify for PVSA service through Koegel Autism Center and a second DOR cost service
  • Exhibit average intellect and ability for abstract thinking during our intake process
  • Caregiver/parent involvement is not part of this program; adult clients must be able to identify clear PVSA goals 
  • Ability to come to sessions at Koegel Autism Center (with clinicians) 1 hour/week and UCSB campus/community with Peer Mentors 3 hours/week

Screening Process:

For interested individuals who do not have a documented diagnosis of Autism but who suspect they are on the spectrum, we highly recommend that they seek a full evaluation. We offer full evaluations through our Assessment Clinic and can provide additional referrals. For individuals without a documented Autism diagnosis that want to see if they are eligible for our PVSA services, we conduct a 2-hour in-person screening appointment where we work to understand the individual’s needs and potential areas of support along with goals. The screening process does not result in a diagnosis of any kind. The fee for the screening is $100. If determined eligible, you would be referred to the Department of Rehabilitation for their screening process in order to receive the free service.

Goals of PVSA Program:

  • PVSA services are designed to help adults with autism achieve their personal goals and to be successful in higher education and employment settings.
  • We aim to individualize our services to each client’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Example client goals: improving social communication, developing social connections within the workplace or the campus community, improving organization and time management skills, academics, and/or independent living skills related to successful outcomes.
  • PVSA services can provide support in either obtaining or maintaining a job.

Program Format: PVSA services are generally provided on a 1:1 basis for approximately 4 hours per week. This includes 1-hour weekly sessions with a doctoral student clinician as well as weekly meetings with Peer Mentors. Clients meet with their peer mentors an average of 2-3 times per week.

Private pay option: This program is also available through a 1 hour per week ($44/hour) private pay program for residents of California only.

If you are interested in Private Pay Adult Services please fill out your information here! You will then be contacted for a phone screen.

Note: For more information on our services, please contact Kaylin Russell at

Creative Club

Koegel Autism Center’s Creative Club is a community of endlessly kind and supportive neurodivergent adults and allies that meets once a week to share experiences, inspiration, and time with one another. This is a group of individuals expressing originality through consistent creativity and the formation of community. There are no pre-requisites to attend Creative Club.

Reach out to regarding meeting times and follow @creativeclubucsb on Instagram.