The Clinic focuses on providing tutorial support and assessments for students in the first through eighth grade who are not benefitting sufficiently from instruction provided by their elementary schools.

Students may have been already identified as having a learning disability or may not have been identified but are perceived to be at risk for unacceptably poor achievement by their families.

Please email us at readingclinic@education.ucsb.edu OR you may call 805-893-7905 to discuss your child’s situation and to make an appointment for an assessment.

General Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday,  3:30-5:15 pm

It will operate for the entirety of the 2022-2023 academic year, except quarter breaks and the following dates:

  • Thursday & Friday, November 24-25 (Thanksgiving)
  • Monday, January 16 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
  • Monday, February 20 (Presidents’ Day)
  • Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day)

Days that the Clinic is closed will not count toward the cost of the program. 

Supervised graduate students and professional teachers associated with the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education provide the tutoring.

Students are tutored for 45 minutes two - four times a week during the school year for periods of 10 weeks with appointment times corresponding to the end of the school day.

Each student will receive feedback at the end of each tutoring session and his/her progress will be communicated to parents on a weekly basis.

A formal post assessment and report of a student’s specific gains will be provided at the end of the tutoring period, including recommendations for further support, if necessary.

Our rates: 

  • Instructional sessions: $28.60 per hour
  • Reading Assessment & Report: $135.80
    • $50.00 per student for reading assessment 
    • $85.8 for creating a report (3 hours of instructional time)  

Parents interested in having their children receive literacy support are welcome to respond to this initial intake survey / Haga clic aqui para registrarse a sesiones de tutoria to start the registration process.