Varied Strategies and Approaches for the Digital Age

Our instructors are upper division undergraduates, graduate students or professional teachers who are committed to working with families in strengthening the literacy skills of children. As such, parents are in constant communication with instructors as the child continues to develop and strengthen their abilities to make sense of, and create challenging texts. This team-based approach is integrated with the planning and decision-making process that is founded on New Literacy Studies (NLS), which is a theoretical framework that recognizes the social, cultural, historical, and interdisciplinary nature of literacy. As such, cognitive processes like decoding and comprehension are situated in a purpose, time, discipline, and context. Rather than practice isolated skills that are difficult to transfer across disciplines and contexts, students develop a flexible command of skills as they engage in the practices of reading for authentic, discipline-specific, purposes.  

Such skill-based practices include the following:

  • Fluency development through digital authorship, readers' theater, and other community events.
  • Comprehension development through collaborative reading strategies and discipline-specific approaches to texts.
  • Critical Reasoning and Argumentation development through scaffolded collaborative activities and hands-on projects.
  • Academic Writing development through varied forms of communication, including oral presentations, written reports, and stories.

Through this NLS framework, we provide intensive instruction for skill development that support the academic success across the content areas. 


Each instructional session lasts 45 minutes. We offer two sessions every weekday from Monday through Thursday:

  • 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm 
  • 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

There are no instructional sessions on Fridays. For a complete account of our schedule, please see our Find Us information.


Our rates are based on a thorough assessment of costs that include instructors' salaries, activity materials, and administrative support.

  • Instructional sessions: $28.60 per hour
  • Reading Assessment & Report: $135.80
    • $50.00 per student for reading assessment 
    • $85.8 for creating a report (3 hours of instructional time)  

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us.