Goal: To assist in the submission of extramural and UC-funded contracts and grants.

The following procedures (and relevant documentation) are required on all contracts and grants that are to be administered through the Contracts and Grants Office and UCSB Office of Research. A Proposal Flow Chart can be found below.


  • Reviews grant/contract guidelines and agency specific forms and proposal requirements upon receipt of a Request For Proposals or Program Announcement.
  • Develops proposal preparation and submission timelines. The UCSB Office of Research (OR) requires that we, as the administering department, submit a complete final version of the proposal to them a minimum of seven business days prior to the sponsor's deadline. This allows five days for OR review and two days for submission. If contractual terms and conditions are embedded in the proposal itself (as commonly seen in RFPs and RFQs), the Office of Research requires ten business for the review and submission process. Visit the OR proposal preparation website for more details.
  • Consults on general budget architecture and preparation of proposal budgets for each proposal. Advice on:
    • academic titles and payscales;
    • benefit rates and tuition provisions;
    • equipment expense;
    • sub-contracts, service agreements, and appropriate payment mechanisms for services provided by non-UCSB program staff;
    • indirect cost rate application and calculations (or waivers); and
    • justifiable expenses and administrative/departmental considerations.
  • Reviews and documents University commitments and matching costs from outside sources (i.e. cost share, UC Participation).
  • Prepares all University and Departmental forms (i.e. Data Sheet for the UCSB Office of Research, space request forms for the department).
  • Advises on research compliance issues.


  • Acts as a liaison between the UCSB Office of Research and principal investigator(s) in the GGSE.
  • Coordinates the campus review of proposals and facilitates signature from campus Sponsored Projects Officer(s).
  • After endorsement by appropriate UCSB officials, ensures that the appropriate number of proposal copies are forwarded to the funding agency for review.


When appropriate, communicates with funding agencies to discuss status of proposals and field requests for additional information.

Proposal Flow Chart