Goal: To facilitate the administrative functions of extramural and UC-funded contracts and grants. 

Research dollars administered through the Contracts & Grants Office require that the appropriate forms are completed, as necessary.


  • Reviews and interprets the award letter. The award letter should clearly specify begin and end dates, the amount of the award, and any terms or conditions.
  • Guides the award through the UCSB Office of Research and Extramural Funds Accounting.
    • Acts as liaison to UCSB Office of Research for all contract negotiation issues.
    • Addresses items that must be in place before the UCSB Office of Research will authorize the awards transition to Extramural Funds Accounting:
      • human subjects approvals must be in place (if applicable);
      • human subjects training module must be completed by the principal investigator and all project staff in order for the campus Human Subjects Committee to approve human subjects protocols and exemptions (if applicable);
      • all cost sharing/match agreements must be finalized.
  • Coordinates requests for Flexible Research space. These need to be completed by the principal investigator and submitted to the Contracts & Grants Office. Space is generally reassigned each summer, with midyear requests being addressed pending availability.


  • Advise on applicability of expenses. Specific expenses (including equipment and travel) must be included in the approved budget as line items.
  • Process all award-related expenses.
  • Maintain financial records (for all awards) in compliance with federal audit standards.
  • Provide financial recaps (for all awards).
  • Upon request, provide financial projections of award funds.
  • Advise on the applicability of no-cost extensions and carry-forward management.
  • The Contracts & Grants Office also strives to promote the visibility of GGSE research efforts through posting information (project abstracts and research related awards) on our website and encouraging the Development and Community Relations Office and the Communications Coordinator to distribute research-related information pieces.


  • Advise (and/or assist) in the completion of the final financial reports required by the funding agency.
  • Facilitate institutional and departmental authorizations on final reports.
  • Prepare the fiscal close-out statements for UCSB Extramural Funds Accounting.