Diversity is our identity. Equity is our purpose.

Dear Prospective Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology Student,

We are delighted that you are taking a close look at our program! You may have already read our mission statements, but it is worth repeating here:

CCSP Mission: To generate and disseminate knowledge, provide expertise, and prepare the next generation of diverse scholars in applied psychology. The Department of CCSP strives to be recognized for excellence and innovation in research that fosters the psychological well-being and social equity of all people, especially vulnerable populations.

We are committed to inviting, admitting, teaching, training, and mentoring the next generation of diverse scholars in applied psychology. We value the vitality that comes from building multicultural learning communities. Powerful and inspiring ideas, innovations, applications, and collaborations are possible when people from multiple social locations come together to investigate research questions, understand clinical complexities, and find a way forward that improves the health and wellness of our communities.

We hope that you will visit each faculty member’s webpage to see how their research teams are working towards the betterment of society as well as check out the two primary clinical training environments offered onsite: (1) the Hosford Counseling & Psychological Services Clinic, and (2) the Koegel Autism Center. In addition, to gaining top-tier research training, you will engage in counseling, clinical, and school psychology training in a variety of multicultural community settings.

Once admitted, there are lots of people here who are dedicated to your success, including your CCSP advisor, faculty graduate advisor, director of clinical training, and diversity officer as well as UCSB Campus resources and those provided by APA. We know that every student has their own unique set of strengths and needs and there are resources on hand to support your development as a Ph.D. level professional. At the center of our commitment is recognition of the importance of relationships.