Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines 2023 - 2024

F23: September 29, 2023 (Minor start - W24)

W24: January 12, 2024 (Minor start - S24)

S24: April 5, 2024 (Minor start - F24)



Applications are accepted the first week of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Applications received after the posted deadline date will be held until the next review.  We do not offer a summer start. We no longer allow students to double minor in Applied Psychology and Education.

Download PDF application forms below. If your quarter of graduation changes after you submit this petition, you are required to inform the Student Affairs Office.

**Students who are interested in the Applied Psychology Minor are required to apply and be admitted to the minor before they begin coursework.**

**Students who are interested in the Educational Studies Minor are required to apply and be admitted to the minor before they begin coursework.**

**Students who are interested in the Science and Mathematics Education Minor are required to petition to declare the minor before they begin coursework.**

Students may apply for one of the minors (petition for the Science/ Math ED minor) as early as the quarter prior to gaining junior status (the quarter at the end of which you will have successfully completed 90 or more quarter units). To apply, please fill out the corresponding application found below, and send to: Please see deadlines below:

Contact the Gevirtz Student Affairs Office no later than the Pass 2 of the final registration quarter before the degree/graduation is anticipated to confirm that you have fulfilled all requirements to graduate with the minor. Feel free to contact the Gevirtz Student Affairs Office should you need any other assistance along the way.

Any student may receive the minor so long as he or she applies and is admitted to the minor, fulfills all units of required coursework, follows the minor policies, and completes relevant forms in a timely manner. Students are encouraged to enroll in classes early as space is limited. There is a possibility that you will not be able to meet the course requirements due to popularity and space availability.

Contact Information

Earning a Minor: Helpful Hints

  1. You must apply and be admitted to the minor before attempting to register for any CORE COURSES in GOLD. You must be in junior standing (or projected junior by the end of the current quarter) to register for any of the minor courses (unless you get permission from the instructor). 
  2. If at all possible, please do not wait until your senior year to begin completing courses for the minor. Some of the courses develop long waiting lists and not all courses are offered every quarter. Please plan ahead.
  3. To earn one of our three minors, you must complete a minimum of 20 to 26 units, depending on the minor. Please monitor the number of units for the minor courses you complete. You might need to take six or more courses to reach the minimum number of units required.
  4. All minor courses are listed by default with a “departmental approval required to finalize registration” warning. Please ignore this and attempt to register without contacting the instructor for approval (unless you are not in junior standing).
  5. A small number of courses, such as ED 120, may be set as “approval code required” from the start. In this case you will need to contact the listed instructor directly for an approval code.
  6. Focus on finishing Core Courses first.
  7. The GGSE Student Affairs Office on the fourth floor lobby of the Education Building is open M-F, 8 am - 12 pm, and 1 pm - 4 pm. Please for any questions and/or advising.
  8. Notify the Student Affairs Office (SAO) if you graduate early so that your minor can be awarded on time. Likewise, if you plan to delay the completion of or you choose to not finish the minor, notify the SAO so that your records can be updated.
  9. Close to graduation, the Office of the Registrar may send you an email or message asking you to consult with the minor sponsoring department. This message usually refers to a degree check to make sure you are on track to finish. We advise students to visit the SAO for your degree check no later than the Pass 2 period of the final registration quarter before your degree/graduation candidacy is expected. Please note, Spring quarter is our busiest quarter, thus we advise to visit/contact us during Winter quarter if you expect/anticipate a Spring degree/graduation.