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Koegel Autism Center

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Koegel Autism Center

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Koegel Autism Center

Koegel Autism Center

Koegel Autism Center

Koegel Autism Center

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New Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) online training is being offered to parents as part of a research study! Click here for more information.




The Koegel Autism Center (pronounced "kay-gull") is internationally recognized for its innovative autism research and clinical training. The center is part of the University of California, a not-for-profit state institution of higher learning.

A Focus on Autism Intervention

Led by Center Director Dr. Ty Vernon and Clinical Director Dr. Anna Krasno, the center focuses on the development and implementation of strength-based, motivational interventions and supports for individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Intervention models developed at the center include the Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) and the Social Tools And Rules for Teens (START) programs.

Our Programs

The center provides diagnostic assessments, intervention services, parent support, and clinical training opportunities through its funded research projects and clinics.

We provide research and clinical training to doctoral students in clinical psychology and special education, many of whom have continued on to become highly influential members of the autism research community.

Our Founders

The center was originally founded by Drs. Robert and Lynn Koegel, co-developers of the PRT autism intervention model. 

Our Vision

Partnering with the autism community to promote hope, compassion, inclusivity, and empowerment.

Our Mission

We strive to develop and disseminate high-impact, strength-based autism interventions and services; build collaborative partnerships with local and global communities; be culturally sensitive and responsive; provide ongoing outreach and education to families and professionals; support the diverse needs of individuals with ASD across the lifespan; and serve as a model for excellence in autism research and training.